Every Accident Is Preventable

December 8, 2017

Safety is a core value at KBH Industrial and it is put into practice through integrity and adherence to moral and ethical principles.

We believe that every accident is preventable. We are committed to providing our workforce family with the resources necessary to be successful. Our Environmental, Health and Safety Program require thorough training, internal and third party audits and a Behavioral Safety program focused on direct peer observation.

Our management team is responsible for the leadership of the EH&S Program and they lead by example, developing the proper attitudes and ensuring that all operations are performed with the utmost regard for the environment and the safety and health of all personnel involved.

Our employees are responsible for the wholehearted, genuine cooperation with all aspects of the EH&S Program and they are empowered to discontinue any task in which the risk is not controlled to an acceptable level.

Some of our efforts to prevent accidents:

·       Thorough New Employee Orientation

·       Mandatory Safety Training

·       Systematic Audits

·       Weekly Safety Meetings for Personnel & Managment

·       Dedicated Safety Managers

We will help safely reduce overall construction costs.